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This website was created to be an online resource for the real estate professional community.
Our mission is to educate, inspire and support real estate professionals and businesses.

Whether you are a new aspiring professional or a seasoned professional, you’ve come to the right place.


Paul Kim

Paul Kim is a husband, father of three adorable kids, an entrepreneur and real estate investor with a passion to help real estate professionals. He loves the business of real estate and leveraging technology and social media to gain market visibility. He is a living example that if you set your mind on pursuing your goals, you can achieve!

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Becky Miranda

Becky Miranda graduated from NJIT with an industrial engineering degree. She worked mostly with companies in the manufacturing industry, focusing on making systems and procedures more efficient. It presented her with challenging and rewarding opportunities when she helped teams and projects “work smarter, not harder”…gaining savings in time and cutting costs in the process. Her appreciation for creating solutions, and finding the best use of materials and resources together with her natural interest for DIY projects led her interest into real estate. She’s particularly inspired by Habitat for Humanity and its mission of revitalizing families and communities.  

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