Top 3 Advice to a New Rehabber from Benedict Joanis

Top 3 Advice to a New Rehabber from Benedict Joanis of NJ Local Homebuyers

Real Life 360 presents Benedict Joanis of NJ Local Home Buyers. He will share his top 3 advice to a new rehabber, as follows:

1.  Find a mentor or someone who has been rehabbing for a while to do a deal with you.
2.  Hire a project manager.
3.  Be patient. Always educate yourself whenever and wherever you can. Do not reinvent the wheel. Follow someone you admire and respect. And just go for it.

Benedict Joanis – NJ Local HomeBuyers
Benedict Joanis has been in the real estate business for 5 years. He started his business by wholesaling and co-wholesaling with other investors. Thereafter, he decided to do fix and flip. He has completed over 20 projects and currently working on 8 projects. Before he got started in this business, he worked in finance. He is now using his background in finance to structure his real estate transactions. While he may still consider himself a “new” rehab investor; he can relate to those that are looking to get into this real estate game. He looks forward to sharing some of his experiences, knowledge and tips in this video. 

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