Fundamentals to Succeed in the Real Estate Industry

Fundamentals to Succeed in Real Estate Industry

Watch this video as Rod Khleif, one of America‚Äôs top real estate professionals and built several multi-million dollar businesses, explains to us the fundamentals of multifamily investing and capitalizing. He highlights that you have to have a burning desire to know exactly what you want and why you want it and be committed to it, otherwise, life gets in the way with inevitable setbacks and you won’t recover and get back up. Also, he mentions that you have to love what you’re doing, but if not, make sure to associate pleasure with it so you’ll eventually learn to love what you’re doing.

Rod also gave a lot of great tips, one of which is: “This business is a team sport, meaning, the people you surround with is how you do your commercial multifamily. To influence your team, you have to be passionate. To be passionate, you have to be inspired by what you’re doing and you have to love what you do. Go through life with positive expectation and optimism. Whatever you focus on GROWS – whether positive or negative. So, focus on your goals and the things that you want and it will grow.”

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