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How to Grow Your Business through Networking

learn from the pro lending real estate real estate agent real estate business real estate investor real estate leads real estate marketing Apr 07, 2020

Paul Kim interviews Kyle Jasey, one of the organizers of one of the largest real estate networking organizations on the East Coast. Kyle discusses on this video the ways on how to grow your business through networking.

Points discussed on the interview:
- Background of Kyle on how he started with what he's doing and why he's doing meetups.
- When did he started flippers and funders
- Where else does he conduct meetups
- How many people came up on his meetups
- Does he attend other meetup groups?
- Is it a good idea to start their own meetup since there are so many meetups nowadays?
- What's his version or definition of networking
- What etiquette or tips does he have in terms of networking that come to his meetup
- What was the logic behind giving out all of the people's information that came to the meetup
- How long have he been on the lending side of the business
- Top 3 advice to a person that's starting out into a real estate

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