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How to Implement Systems to Grow Your Real Estate Business

learn from the pro new jersey real estate real estate business real estate investing real estate marketing Mar 17, 2020

Watch this video as Paul Kim interviews Shomail Malik, co-founder and managing partner of Apex Capital Group, as he talks about "How to
Implement Systems to Grow Your Real Estate Business".

Some highlights of the discussion:
- Brief synopsis of Shomail's personal journey after he graduated and how he got to where he is right now.
- When did he realize he need to hire more people and who that person be.
- Their every morning get together.
- Shared a funny story that he wanted to convey to our community.
- Tools he use for project management, CRM, communication, etc.
- Top 3 advice for people in real estate and for those who wants to be an investor or business entrepreneur.

Connect with Paul Kim:
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Connect with Shomail Malik:
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