How to Leverage Self Directed IRAs as a Tool to Grow Your Real Estate Business


In this interview, Paul Kim discusses with Brittany Melville of Next Generation the ways you can leverage self-directed IRAs as a tool to grow your real estate business - and even contribute to your own retirement wealth in the process.

Here are the highlights of the discussion:
- Brittany's background and what Next Generation does
- What exactly is self-directed IRA
- What are the typical majority of people that set up these self-directed IRAs?
- What are the top 3 alternative investments for Brittany
- For example in Fix/Flip, even if it’s your own property, can you use your money, self-directed IRA, or is there any limitations and restrictions against that?
- Is it true that if you currently have an IRA, you can roll them over to self-directed IRA?
- Is self-directed IRAs for people with money that can transfer it and then invest rather than just somebody coming on board and just starting to invest?
- What additional benefit, as a real estate agent, can they benefit from knowing this?

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