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How To Win Deals In A Competitive Market Like New Jersey

business marketing new jersey real estate Jan 29, 2020

In this video, Paul Kim gets to interview Allan Szlafrok, an investor and an author. He shared how to make sure your offers are considered and ways to make your offer stand out in a highly competitive market.

Here are some highlights from the interview:
- How was he able to compete in today’s competitive market?
- Have he flipped before?
- Before he refinance, did he have to season it? Was it backed by his personal credit or by the asset?
- How was he able to compete in today’s market in New Jersey?
- Are these just REO or properties that are listed on the MLS with agents?
- What are the tips he has that can help our community?
- What can we do to compete?
- What advice can he give to those that are very new? At what point did he stop learning and actually do something?
- Why would he come online to share?
- Does he have any other tips he want to share with us?
- Have he wholesaled before?
- At what point can he say that we can do this full time and have enough income coming in where we can actually take care of expenses and also live on our own?
- How do we decide whether we move forward or not on a deal?
- Is he actively buying? If he is, does he have any criteria?
- How do people get in touch with him?

Reach Out to Allan Szlafrok:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (917) 693-8003

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