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Testimonial with Renarda Joy

testimonial Jun 27, 2019

In this video, Renarda Joy gave her testimonial on being a proud member of Real Estate Life 360 and working with Paul Y. Kim.

Renarda had exposure to various tutorial videos and materials before. Finding those unrelatable to her market, she ran across Paul’s materials and decided to take the courses. She finds the materials feasible and the support level from Paul very helpful along each phase of the program.

While the class is composed of people from various businesses at different course levels, it worked as an integrated group of like minded individuals that are trying to grow their businesses. She suggests for those contemplating, that you owe it to yourself to invest in yourself. Paul's group brought so much value. Each month, the columns introduced new insights into the industry. So she suggests to anyone who are just looking to move forward, or if a novice or whatever status, to join this group.

She’d been with the group for a couple of months now and have a couple of deals that might be able to close in the next week or two. So she’s just one deal away!!!

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