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Let's Talk about Mental Toughness of a Real Estate Investor

learn from the pro motivation real estate investor rehabbing Apr 14, 2020

In this video, Paul Y. Kim interviews Michael Mclnerney Jr, a partner at Mac Group Investments. Michael knows the ups and downs that comes in this business and he will dig into the mental aspect of what it takes to grow your real estate business.

Here are the highlights of the interview:

- Background of what Michael did before as an investor, his community, and his business right now.
- How many rehabs have he done or have worked together with other investors.
- Where do he get his deals from?
- Why is he passionate about this topic? Of personal development or mental toughness.
- What are some of the things that he do to develop himself or the mental toughness.
- What has helped him to put what he has read into action.
- Who are some of the people that he follow.
- What are some of the challenges that he face weather with contractors or on daily basis. What are some of the things that he tackle or handle.
- Why should people care about personal development.
- Last words for the community

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