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Watch this event video with Kevin Clark, Managing Member of Clark Capital Group discussing the business of Hard Money Lending to real estate investors.

Kevin S Clark, aka, “Mr. Hard Money” is Founder and Managing Member of Clark Capital Group, LLC. Kevin has been described as a marketing genius, his specialty being hard money lending for real estate investors and real estate marketing. He is a respected industry leader with more than 25 years of experience .

Kevin S Clark was Director of Marketing for one of the nation’s largest private commercial mortgage lending firms, from November 1988 until July 2003. In his role as Director of Marketing, he was a major force in helping the private lending firm gain national recognition as one of the country’s largest private lending sources.

Today, Kevin S Clark is Managing Member for Clark Capital Group, LLC (CCG) in Old Tappan, New Jersey. CCG is a business consulting company specializing in creative financing for non-conforming (Hard Money) commercial real estate mortgage loans, for fix n flippers of smaller properties (real estate investors), and businesses. Through its consulting services CCG locates funding opportunities nationally as well as internationally for direct private lending firms, hedge funds and banks.

In mid summer 2005, he made available his new e-book, “Kevin S Clark’s Making Money with Hard Money Commercial Mortgage Lenders, Tips & Tools for Getting Your Non-Conforming Commercial Mortgage Funded Fast”. Kevin’s Hard Money Training e-book is dedicated to training mortgage professionals who are interested in learning the “Hard Money” commercial mortgage business.

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