Passive Investing via Syndication with Alina Trigub

Passive Investing via Syndication with Alina Trigub

Paul Kim has the courtesy of interviewing Alina Trigub, founder of SAMO Financial. She shares the benefits of passive investing via syndication in various forms of real estate and how to empower people to build wealth for themselves and for their families.

Here are some highlights from the interview:
– What does passive investing via syndication mean?
– How many syndications have you been involved with or have you invested in since you got started?
– What is typically the minimum amount that one needs to have in order to invest in a syndication?
– Where does one go to find syndication?
– If somebody wants to invest in a syndication, is it something that’s liquid that you can get out or something that you’re stuck in until 5,10 years or so?
– Why did you decide to go with syndication vs multi-units?
– What are your top 3 due diligence that you look for or things that you do to due diligence? Also, what material or information can you recommend or provide to somebody that do not know anything about syndication?
– Where would people find you
– Last minute word of wisdom/advice to the community.

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