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Tax Strategies and Tips to Grow Your Real Estate Business

learn from the pro real estate real estate business Apr 29, 2020

Paul Y. Kim got a chance to interview Andrew Coombs. Andrew is the CEO of Coombs CPA, PC, a CPA firm founded in 2017. He started out in tax at one of the BIG 4 accounting firm focusing on corporations and partnership and then broaden his knowledge to preparation and audits.

Here are the topics being discussed during the interview:
- Background about Andrew and professional history about his company.
- What made Andrew decide to start his own firm back in 2017.
- Does Andrew know people that he handles that are self-employed?
- What would an agent or a wholesaler do with a $10,000 commission or $10,000 fee? Does he/she have to set up a new account?
- Tips that Andrew can provide to real estate agents
- Any other strategies that Andrew would recommend
- What should a business owner or self employed business do to better work with the CPA, what is the best way for them to keep track and provide the CPA?
- Andrew's last tip for real estate agents/investors
- Social Minute questions

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