Best Website Platform for Real Estate Agents and Investors business real estate real estate agent real estate investor Feb 12, 2020

Paul Kim shares in this video the 3 reasons why he uses the Carrot Website to build his Real Estate website.

Points discussed:
- Background on how Paul came about the Carrot website
- Number 1 reason - Performance
- Number 2 reason - Very simple to use
- Number 3 reason - Content
- Should you spend...

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How To Win Deals In A Competitive Market Like New Jersey business marketing new jersey real estate Jan 29, 2020

In this video, Paul Kim gets to interview Allan Szlafrok, an investor and an author. He shared how to make sure your offers are considered and ways to make your offer stand out in a highly competitive market.

Here are some highlights from the interview:
- How was he able to compete in...

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How to Stay Focused in Your Real Estate Business business Jan 07, 2020

In this ""LIVE"" video, Paul Kim and Ben Joanis discuss some of the challenges that most business owners face in their daily work. They also discuss ways to tackle obstacles and stay focused on their real estate business.

Connect with Paul Kim

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