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Every month we strive to invite speakers who brings value to our community. We will have real estate professionals, experienced investors and investors who jumped with both feet.


Open Discussion "Investor Friendly" Attorney and Title Company

Tuesday, April 27. 2021 @ 6 PM (EST)
Speakers: Fawad J. Khan, Esq. and Donna Sheholli

In the world of real estate investing ... What does it mean by an attorney or title company that is investor friendly? In this month's investor virtual meeting, We are having an open discussion with Donna from Fortuna Title and Fawad Khan, Esq. from Khan Law Group to talk about legal and title topics related to wholesaling, issues with closings and more.
"I've worked with hundreds of title companies and attorneys and both are top-notch" - Paul Kim


Previous Meetings


February 2021

Have you spent hundreds of dollars buying lists? Stop! We have Ryan Paliukaitis this month that will make you think outside the box 📦. Lead generation by “fishing in other ponds” instead of saturated lists. You can create your own lists by using free resources such as tax and county clerk websites. He will show you where to find those hidden lists.


January 2021

We are fortunate to have RJ this month to share her process of doing cold calls. She will talk about how she got her first deal doing cold calling. She will also explain what cold calling is, what do you need to do, how to track your calls and how to determine if they are motivated or not.


October 2020

In light of the current situation, unfortunately there will be an influx of foreclosures and short sales. We will provide an overview of this specific sector and the processes involved to help real estate investors know what to expect. We will also discuss how to generate leads effectively to help position your service and business.


November 2020

In these challenging times we are bringing together a panel of professionals who adapted their practice to the changing market. Let their expertise guide your own situation and help strengthen your business.




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