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4 Things You Must Do in 2019!

marketing Jan 29, 2019


If you are a real estate agent, real estate investor or any other small business that is looking to increase your visibility in your marketplace, watch this video. In this video, I go over 4...

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Never Stop Growing

personal development Jan 22, 2019


In this video, Paul Kim goes over 3 resources to Learn and Grow .

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What does it take to succeed in Real Estate?

motivation Jan 15, 2019

In this video, Paul Kim goes over 3 things in order for you to succeed in the business of Real Estate.

1. Mental Shift / Commitment

2. Take Action and Get Started

3. Provide Value

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Follow the Real Estate Life 360 Journey!

vlog Jan 08, 2019


My name is Paul Kim and I am a husband, father of three adorable kids, an entrepreneur and real estate marketer and investor with a passion to help real estate professionals. I love the...

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