Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing

Know the 4 silos of business and which of these is the most important one especially in wholesaling or in the sales industry. Join our Monthly Virtual Meetings every last Tuesday of the month: Looking to network with like-minded Real Estate Investors, join our Facebook Group “Mastermind for Investors”: Are you an agent or investor looking … Continued
Jaime Resendiz - Generating Motivated Leads With Facebook Ads

Functioning Ads that Generate Motivated Buyers

Know the fundamentals and learn from Jaime Resendiz as he will share his knowledge about functioning ads that will produce motivated buyers and sellers and motivated people that will want to work with you. Watch the full video and know more about this topic on our Real Estate Pros Virtual Summit: Connect with Jaime Resendiz:Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube … Continued
Brittany Melville - Navigating Stock Market Volatility

Understanding Market Volatility and Figuring out Alternative Assets for Retirement

Have a chance to understand the market volatility as Brittany Melville explains this concept. She also explained in this short video some areas on alternatives in volatile markets and alternative asset landscape, the correlated vs. non-correlated assets, the importance of diversification, and the correlation and modern portfolio theory. Watch the full video and know more … Continued
How To Negotiate in Real Estate

How To Negotiate in Real Estate

Get inspired with Ari Sznajder on this short video clip as he discusses how they are able to add significant value to a 20-unit Apartment Building in just 1 and a half years! He focuses his discussion on how to negotiate in real estate. You can learn more from Ari by getting the Full Replay … Continued
Mike Sherrard - How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business

How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business

If you want to dominate your market using Instagram, then this is a must-watch video for you! Listen to Mike Sherrad as he will teach you how to become a client magnet using Instagram. In this short video clip, you will know why Instagram is so important; know the secret formula for Instagram; and the … Continued

3 Must Haves For Your Online Real Estate Business

In this video, Paul Kim will let you know the things you have to do to have an online presence. As you may see, every body is doing either videos or podcast or going Live on different social media platforms and websites. You need to stay on top of those platforms otherwise, you will be … Continued
Karin Carr - 7 Secrets to Making Videos That Get Your Phone to Ring!

Secrets to Making Videos That Get Your Phone to Ring!

A must watch video from Karin Carr as she shares the YouTube Lead Gen Secrets: How to get a steady stream of new clients on autopilot without cold calling or spending a bundle on ads. She will talk about:1. How you can make videos that are more than just branding and actually get business.2. The … Continued
Paul Kim - The 3 Simple Things You Must Do to Leverage Google For Your Business

Why Do You Need a Website?

Get some ideas from Paul Kim on this short video as he explains why a website is essential for any business. “Anything that you do, whether it’s offline or online, you have to ultimately direct your community somewhere. You have to have a way to direct your community to go to your website and then … Continued
Jason Yarusi - The Important of Branding

Branding Components that Work and Why is it Important

Watch this video as Jason Yarusi, founder of Yarusi Holdings and an active Real Estate Syndicator and Real Estate Investor, talks about your personal brand and why it’s going to be one of the biggest components to building not only your future business but creating massive growth in your business today. Highlights of the discussion:-> … Continued
Rod Khleif - Fundamentals of Multifamily Investing

Fundamentals to Succeed in the Real Estate Industry

Watch this video as Rod Khleif, one of America‚Äôs top real estate professionals and built several multi-million dollar businesses, explains to us the fundamentals of multifamily investing and capitalizing. He highlights that you have to have a burning desire to know exactly what you want and why you want it and be committed to it, … Continued
Krista Mashore - Mindset, Marketing and Motivation for Real Estate Agents

Mindset, Marketing and Motivation for Real Estate Agents

On this video, Krista Mashore, a CEO of two multi-million dollar marketing coaching companies, a real estate trainer, coach, author, speaker, and broker talks about mindset, marketing and motivation. She discusses on ways on how you can thrive in today’s market. She emphasizes that we have to work on our mindset and focus on being … Continued
3 Pillars of Online Marketing

3 Pillars of Real Estate Online Marketing

In this video, Paul Kim discusses the 3 Pillars of Real Estate Online Marketing: 1. Online Presence using a Website PlatformWe recommend the Carrot Website Platform 2. Content Plan – Weekly Articles and/or VideosWeekly Articles are provided by the Carrot Platform 3. Amplify Your Content using Social Media FREE eBook with over 200 video topics … Continued
Jodie Nichols - Interview with New Wholesaler

Interview with New Wholesaler and Action Taker Member

Watch this video as Paul Kim interviews Jodie Nichols, a new wholesaler and an action taker member. She shares her story of how she got started in wholesaling and how she got her first deal. She also shared some tips as a beginner investor. Here are some of the highlights of the interview:– Background– What … Continued
Andrew Coombs - Tax Strategies and Tips to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Tax Strategies and Tips to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Paul Y. Kim got a chance to interview Andrew Coombs. Andrew is the CEO of Coombs CPA, PC, a CPA firm founded in 2017. He started out in tax at one of the BIG 4 accounting firm focusing on corporations and partnership and then broaden his knowledge to preparation and audits. Here are the topics … Continued